For many people, body image is an extremely important feature. Glam Body Studio body contouring (FAT REDUCTION) treatments can help you get the firm and toned looking body you’ve always dreamed of. Sometimes, no matter how much you have exercised and dieted, there’s always those jiggly ounces of unwanted fatty tissue in the hardest to tone areas. With the help of innovative medical technology, science now makes it possible to sculpt and refine your figure with non-invasive body contouring treatments. We know how much your body means to you and we are here to help you achieve genuine results.Targeting problem areas of loose skin, cellulite, and fat, are all taken into consideration at all of our locations. We utilize modern and minimally invasive techniques to engage most areas of the body, including the face and the neck.

Ultrasonic cavitation, also known as aesthetic cavitation, is a relatively new technique that applies a phenomenon known in physics to aesthetics. This phenomenon is called cavitation and it is a very savvy way to reduce fat because it completely destroys fat cells and converts them into liquid which is then naturally eliminated through the excretory system of the body. Nowadays, ultrasonic cavitation is considered as an alternative treatment to surgical liposuction as a non-invasive procedure with results obtained quickly WITHOUT NEEDLES, WITHOUT PAIN, WITHOUT SIDE EFFECTS, WITHOUT ANY DOWN TIME and WITHOUT ANY EXERCISE.

Ultrasonic Cavitation reduces fat cells with certain manipulation techniques thanks to a hand piece that is placed on the skin precisely on the area that is to be treated. The machine works with ultrasounds that form bubbles in the tissues where the fat cells are located. The bubbles expand and are immediately compressed afterwards. The temperature increases due to sudden variation in pressure and the bubble implodes. This implosion damages the fat cells, reducing the localized fat. The fat releases into fragments called triglycerides that are expelled via the urinary system.

Fat Freezing (Cool Sculpting)

ICE-SCULPTING & LIPO FREEZE is a REVOLUTIONARY organic way of sculpting, toning and slimming the body.  This unique treatment activates a natural process in the body, by metabolizing fat and converting it to energy, CALLED THERMOGENESIS. The frozen product encourages the body's natural process of cold induced thermogenesis, whereby fat cells are burned in order to raise body temepture back to it's normal state.  Toxins are then expelled naturally through the body lymph system. 



This treatment can cover many different areas such as Abdominal,Love handles, Back, Thighs (cellulite & inner thighs), &  Arms.

Many say they see amazing results after just the first treatment.  Best of all this treatment is 100% organic,  non-invasive and there is no down-time.  

3D Skin Tightening, is suitable for all skin types and is appropriate for individuals seeking a non-invasive and a natural looking approach to improvements in skin tone and texture irregularities. Radio frequency skin tightening treatments use specific energies to heat the deep layers of the skin without affecting the outer layer of skin or any other tissues in the treated area. The heat triggers the body’s wound healing process, which increases the body’s collagen production and creates firmer, tighter skin over time. 

This treatment can cover many different areas such as Abdominal,Love handles, Back, Thighs, &  Arms.

​No recovery time – walk out and go back to your day!

  • Non-invasive – no incisions, no surgery, no discomfort!

  • “Melts the fat away! I saw immediate results!” – K. Smith.


*Individual results may vary

The Strawberry Laser Lipo is completely non-invasive, completely non-surgical, and completely non-painful! FDA cleared for U.S. use, the Strawberry Laser has been successfully melting the fat and recontouring the figures of millions of patients in over 30 countries for several years. When liposuction or other surgical body contouring procedures are less desirable options, Strawberry Laser treatments can yield noticeable, measurable results. Most patients will see a difference with their very first treatment session! We’ve grown accustomed to our patients being thrilled with the results – right from their very first session! 

With the powerful combination of Cavitation, Radio Frequency & Vacuum reduction, this triple threat treatment, kills up to 3 1/2 inches of stubborn fat, in just one treatment.You're receiving fat reduction, skin tightening, and fat melting all at one time. The heat triggers the body’s wound healing process, which increases the body’s collagen production and creates firmer, tighter skin over time. The cavitation treatment is a very systematic way to reduce fat because it completely destroys fat cells and converts them into liquid which is then naturally eliminated with urine.

This procedure employs anatomically-sculpted wooden implements to improve the body’s size and proportions while advancing overall health. This therapy helps redefine body contours, reduce cellulite and facilitate weight loss. These instruments allow highly targeted pressure to be applied, and that pressure intensifies the breakdown of fat and fibrous cellulite so that it can be eliminated naturally with other toxins.


  • 100% All-Natural, Non-Invasive and Free of Contraindications

  • Loosens Tight, Restricted Muscles

  • Stimulates Lymphatic Drainage

  • Eliminates Toxins

  • Speeds Metabolism

  • Breaks Down Cellulite

  • Burns Fat

  • Tones, Tightens and Reduces Circumference


The technique employs a series of repetitive movements using more than a dozen different wooden implements. These implements manipulate targeted areas of muscle, fat and cellulite, stimulating the lymphatic drainage system to rid the body of stored toxins. This release of toxins jumpstarts metabolism to burn fat. The manipulation also serves to break down stubborn pockets of cellulite, thereby shrinking disproportionate bulges and smoothing orange-peel dimples.

Is Ultrasonic Cavitation & LipoLaser Safe?​

Yes. The  Ultrasonic Cavi & LipoLaser is a cold laser and cold laser therapies have been safely employed for more than 30 years in clinics throughout the world. In fact, the initial purpose of low level laser technology ( Meridian's Lapex-2000) was for pain relief and cell regeneration for healing. LipoLaser is not suitable for those who are pregnant, have a kidney disorder, liver disease, poorly controlled diabetes or hypertension; epilepsy, have a pacemaker, have cancer and/or undergoing radiation therapy. It is not for use on children.


Is it painful? Does it hurt?

There is no pain or discomfort during or after the Laser treatment.


What results can I expect from the Laser Lipo treatment?​

Male and female clients have found that those hard to reduce trouble spots, such as love handles, tummy bulge, and saddlebags can be treated quite significantly within just a few treatments. LipoLaser can help you contour and sculpt those places that do not respond to exercise and diet, as well as improve your cellulite and your overall appearance. The LipoLaser helps tighten the skin as fat is lost by stimulating collagen and elastin production. This skin tightening is an important benefit and works well with a weight loss or post surgical program to help prevent saggy skin rolls.


Do I have to diet and exercise?​

Studies have found that clients who eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly will experience the best LipoLaser results; however, even clients with sluggish metabolism remark that they experience a unique and invigorating ‘body wake up.’


How can I optimize my results from LipoLaser?​

Patients can optimize their results through multiple LipoLaser treatments each of which is immediately followed with 10 minutes of an activity meant to encourage lymph drainage . We use whole body vibration training for 10 minutes immediately following each LipoLaser treatment for just this purpose.


Who is the ideal candidate for LipoLaser treatment?​

There is not really an "ideal" candidate. The LipeLaser has been shown to be effective on many different body types. The most immediately noticeable results are often shown on individuals who exercise (or have exercised) regularly, are not obese and/or who have localized fat deposits that they cannot get rid of with diet or exercise.


How many treatments are required?

​The recommended treatment protocol is 2 -3 times per week for 4 – 6 weeks and is sold in packages of 9 – 18 treatments depending on the clients desired results.

Will I have downtime after my treatments?

​No. After your treatment, there is no requirement for bed rest or reduced activity and you can resume your normal schedule immediately.