Body Wrap

45 Minute Session

Contouring Belly Wrap 

Sculpt Me Belly Wrap 

(Slimming Tummy Wrap & Infrared Sauna wrapped only around the stomach, done at the same time)

Slimming Body Wrap

Bye Cellulite Thigh Wrap 

Sexy Me Down Body Wrap

(Slimming Body Wrap & Infrared Sauna, done at the same time, customer favorite)


Fat Blaster Body Wrap

(Optimistic Wrap & Slimming Body Wrap, done separately, for hard tough stubborn fat)

Ultimate Body Wrap   

(Fat Burner Wrap, Slimming Body Wrap & Infrared Sauna)

Detox Sauna Wrap

Our  Contouring & Sculpt me Belly wrap is the perfect solution for clients wanting to see immediate inch loss, reduce abdominal fat and tighten and tone skin all in just ONE HOUR. While you are wrapped up relaxing you will be able to watch a movie or just relax on our massage beds and let our celebrity approved Slim Wrap solution and excellent wrapping techniques do all the work for you.

 **A series of wraps is suggested to reach your maximum Detoxification and Inch loss potential.Clients typically experience 6-30 inch*  in Just One Hour.  For Best Results, 6-12  wraps within 5-7 days apart. *results may vary from person to person.

First our soothing contour cream will be applied all over and stimulates circulation to your cellulite prone areas, stimulates lymphatic flow along with removing trapped waste and impurities in your connective tissues. Then you will be wrapped with plastic wrap that acts as an acupressure to push the lymphatic fluid up into the thoracic valve, circulating the toxins back into the blood stream to get filtered out through the liver and the kidneys, promoting permanent inch loss. 

Burn Calories, Lose Inches and Weight in one Powerful Plateau Busting Session Begin your service with a GBS Body Lymphatic Vibration and 30 minutes in Infrared Blanket to burn calories, open pores and stimulate circulation.  Once the internal detoxification process begins, we apply warm Aloe soaked bandages to stimulate maximum inch loss.